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About Raggagardur

How the family garden started

Vilborg Arnarsdóttir (Bogga in Súðavík) the park´s first manager created this garden. She had dreamt for a long time of creating a playground for children, families and tourists visting the Westfjrods in the summer. Her intention was to encourage quality time for children to share with their parents by enabling out door activities and exercise in a dedicated area. Bogga started serious work on the project after she lost her son, Ragnar Freyr Vestfjörð, who died in a car crash in Súðavík in 2001, only 17 years old. The garden is dedicated to his memory.

The dream came true with the help of local people, summer residents, guests, numerous benefactors of all ages and several sponsors. All those people have volunteered with dedication and loving care contributing several thousands of hours to the garden. The garden has received many generous gifts through the years and funds have been raised using various methods. Four tons of ,,kleinur’’ (Icelandic twisted doughnuts) have been baked and sold in support of the garden, children have organized lotteries and donated all the income to the garden. The Association of Sheep Gatherers in Ísafjarðardjúp have supported the project in many ways, concerts have been held in support of the garden etc. etc.

Fjár hefur verið aflað með ýmsu móti. Börn hafa haldið tombólu og gefið garðinum peningana. Ýmiss konar varningur hefur verið seldur, margt af því gjafir til garðsins. Bökuð hafa verið fjögur tonn af kleinum á þessum 11 árum. Fjársmalar í Ísafjarðardjúpi hafa styrkt garðinn og tónleikar verið haldnir svo dæmi séu tekin.

The implementation

The company Raggagarður was founded on January 8, 2004 to take care of the construction and implementation of the park. The company’s board, during the development from 2004 to 2015, consisted of: Vilborg Arnarsdóttir, chairman, Barði Ingibjartsson, Sigurdís Samúelsdóttir, Anne Berit Vikse and Jónas Ágústsson.

Construction began on Raggagarður on 14 May 2004 and the play area was opened on 6 August 2005. The play area is divided into two parts, the upper area for the older children and the lower area for the younger ones.

In the autumn of 2013, work began on the construction of an outdoor recreation area and the construction of three storage houses for the loose part of the park. In the area you can see the special features of the Westfjords in one place along with works of art made from natural materials. The outdoor recreation area was formally opened on August 8, 2015 and was named Boggutún.

The outdoor recreation area – Boggutún.

A stage with a spectator area, intended for family gatherings and art events, is in the outdoor recreation area. At Boggutún there is, among other things, Rekaviðarskógur. Álfasteinn was moved from Súðavíkurhlíð and there are also Dvergasteinar. There is a bridge over the wishing pond, where you can wish. A house with whale bones from 1883-1905 from the first Norwegian whaling station. Whale tailing and history of whaling and whaling in Súðavík. Holugrjót frá Hvítanesi and there are 5 works of art by Gerður Gunnarsdóttir, a sculptor, and there is one in the play area called Æskan. The latest work „Flowers in a window“ by Jón Gunnar Árnason appeared below Boggutún in the summer of 2021. There are a total of 7 works of art in the garden. In the summer of 2022, a 9-basket frisbee field or FOLF will be set up in and around Raggagarður in collaboration with Ungmennafélagið Geisla in Súðavík. Good access for the disabled in the park.

There are four circular barbecues on the playground for guests to use. There is a large barbecue at Boggutún which can be rented for larger groups. Seats and tables are available for over 120 people throughout the park.

A guest book and piggy bank are by the toilet and guests are asked to write in the book every time the park is visited. There is no entrance fee to Raggagarður, but free donations are welcome to support the park’s operations.

The park is built with the minds, hands and hearts of locals and other benefactors.

Best thanks to the many people who made this project a reality.

Further information about the park can be found on his website and on Facebook / Raggagardur Súðavík


Frisbívöllur í Raggagarð sumar 2022

Vestfjarðavíkingurinn 2011

Vestfjarðavíkingurinn 2011

Working days in Raggagarður.

Working days in Raggagardur.

Lots of life and excitement in Raggagarður this summer
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Lots of life and excitement in Raggagarður this summer