There has been a lot of life in Raggagarður this summer. Askur and Embla landed in the park in the beginning of July. They are a gift from Lappset in Finland.

Another significant was:

Barði and Dísa fixed the platform on the aparól and built a ramp and a seat on the platform this spring. A working day was held on June 24 this spring and many friends of the park came to help.

The power competition Vestfjarðarvíkingurinn was held for the second time in the park on the 3rd of July in the presence of a large crowd.

The youth club Geisli grilled for its members in the park.

Málfríður Markan visited Raggagarður.

Vinnuskóli Súðavíkurhreppur worked for two working days in the garden cleaning vegetation and more.