Starfið 2008

March 30. Raggagarður’s supporters packed music discs for Mugison or a total of 3000 pieces. Attended 8-10 people 3 times and worked a total of 112 working hours and received 39,000 ISK for fundraising for the park.
May 16th. Raggagarður received ISK 800,000 thousand from Pokasjóður.
June 5. The park received a grant of ISK 200,000 thousand from the Landsbanki Cultural Fund.
8-15. June. Dísa Samúels undertook to paint the interior of the toilet and spar it.  Was about 8 hours.
June 16. Valgeir Scott, a plumber, undertook to connect the sink and toilet to the house and the installation and gave his work.
June 29. Sómi Súðavíkur Egil Heiðar Gíslason celebrated his 50th birthday in Súðavík. On that occasion, he gave Raggagarður ISK 50,000 and held a barbecue party and entertainment for the children on his birthday.
July 3rd. Attended the board of Raggagarður in Heydalur in Mjóafjörður, where it was provided for the first time from a special Environmental Fund of the Icelandic Youth Association. Raggagarður received the highest grant in the amount of ISK 500,000.
July 12. A working day was in Raggagarður where a toilet house was painted and covered in the garden and shrubs were cut. Attended 13 people the other day and worked for 4 hours and then came 2 the day after finishing painting the outside of the toilet and worked for 2 hours. Total working hours 56 hours .
July 14.The manager of the park went to Sæluhelgur in Suðureyri for the donut competition with Raggagarðskleinur and brought the third prize cup that Raggagarðskleinur has received so far.
16-19. July. Working days in Raggagarður. 12 people came to the park and worked for 4 hours = 48 hours
on July 25th. Eggert and Michaell held a concert in Samkomuhús Súðavíkur to support Raggagarður. Collected about 82,600 ISK at the concert.
August 17. The park received a 50,000 ISK grant from the Margrét Björgólfsdóttir Memorial Fund.
September 13th. Working day laying rugs under the barracks and adding sand. 6 people worked on it for 6 hours in total. The next day, 3 people worked for 4 hours to finish laying the rugs. A total of 48 hours.
September 19th.Gave anglers from Germany who were guests of Sumarbyggðar garðurinn ISK 72,056
on September 20th. Raggagarðsfólkið went for a walk looking for sheep in Djúpin, Barði went to Mjóafjarðarbotn at 07:30, nothing can be grazed due to water levels, and therefore shepherds were sent home. Bardi came home at 14:30. = 7 hours
September 26th. Shepherded Barði and others from Mýflugnavatn to Gljúfurá, Went home from 07:30, walked for 9 hours and reached the sea by Gljúfurá at 19:00 and spent the night at Hrafnabjörg. = 12 hours
18-25. September. Part of the board counted cans that had been collected over the summer from visitors to Sumarbyggð and the campsite for about 10 hours was finished with cans and ISK 61,560 was collected.
September 27th. At 09:00 Barði and Anna Lind walked up the Gljúfurá river into Gljúfradalur and on the way grazed across the Gljúfurá river, then descended into Laugardalur and grazed out to Birnustaðir at 17:00, 7 hours on foot, a total of about 12 hours. = 24 hours.
October 4. Part of Raggagarður’s board were on the move again, grazing in Hjarðardalur out of Þernuvíkurháls and for Breiðfirðinganes at Hrafnabjörg Boggi, Barði, Sigurdís and Hafliði E. Barðason. From Súðavík at 07:30 and come home at 19:30 = 12 hours x 4 = 48 hours
12 October. Barði and Hafliði went to Hrafnabjörg, to deduct slaughter money (pull apart). leave at 15:30 and return at 23:30 = 7 hours x two = 14 hours
October.Súðavíkurhreppur paid Raggagarður for each walker 7 thousand for the day. Accumulated about 56,000 ISK.  Working hours a total of 105 , of which about 54 hours. on a walk in shepherding.
October 24th. The association Raggagarður undertook to bake for the residents’ assembly of Súðavíkurhreppur. Baking time was 24 hours + coffee management 3 people for 2 hours a total of 6 hours. Volunteer work for a total of 30 hours and income from coffee sales a total of ISK 51,885.
October 29. The toy manufacturer Lappset in Finland sponsors Raggagarður with 2 swans that will be a gateway to Raggagarður. The value of the gift is around ISK 950,000.

November 27. Launch an idea contest about the name of the swans and the logo of the park.

December 12th. Sigurbjörg Gísladóttir from Súðavík gave Raggagarður a candle to sell as a fundraiser in the amount of ISK 7,500 in total for Christmas. She had previously given Garður a candle for about ISK 8,000, a total of ISK 15,500.
December 12th. The manager of the park finished repairing 2 small houses owned by Raggagarður. It took about 35 hours

In addition, Raggagarður had a small income from the sale of t-shirts and souvenirs and from the sale of donuts to support the park.

Grants that Raggagarður received in 2008      ISK 2.4 million
Gifts that Raggagarður received in 2008    ISK 204,656
Volunteer work a total of 442 working hours.