Working days will be in Raggagarður on Sunday 19 June and Sunday 26 June from 13.00 to 16.00.

Now it is better to take care of various things and get the garden ready for the summer. It has not gone unnoticed how cold it has been this spring, but hopefully it will change this weekend. Tomorrow, men and women are needed to bury fence posts and set up ready-made fence rafts that the park received from Súðavík district. Also cutting trees and shrubs and edging and trimming beds. Pick up rocks from the gravel area and fix the rugs under the castle. Something for everyone.

Raggagarður welcomes all West Fjords residents, locals, summer residents or visitors to the West Fjords to a working day in the park, both large and small hands. There is nothing more fun than working together in good company and contributing to our future and that of our children.

Employees ‘associations, companies, parents’ associations or other groups can also contact and come and work in the park one evening if you contact Bogg by phone 8234566 or send an e-mail to